Feature in Living Staten Island Magazine

Troost Bros. Inc. is a fully licensed and insured remodeling company servicing all of Staten Island for more than 20 years, with expertise in remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, basements, decks, attics, as well as installation of windows/doors, roofing and siding. They are also known for interior alterations and roof raise/additions. Jeff and Scot Troost pride themselves on flawlessly joining new additions to existing homes as though they have always been there, maintaining the style and character of the original footprint.

The process begins at the Troost Bros. first meeting with a homeowner to discuss the project. A detailed proposal is then provided. “No facet of the job is left to the imagination,” reports Jeff Troost. “Everything is outlined and explained”. They have a team of licensed and insured sub-contractors and skilled craftsmen who have been hand-picked to expertly get the job done. All projects aspects are discussed and approved with the homeowner prier to commencing, ensuring the clients are satisfied with their renovation. If changes arise after the start of the job, they are seamlessly incorporated via the expertise of the project manager who communicates on a regular basis with the homeowner.

Born and raised on Staten Island, Jeff and Scot Troost have over 30 years experience under their tool belts. They are able to assist homeowners to identify the finest materials and offer guidance for the best outcome. They are proud to maintain relationships with industry partners and manufacturers that are well trusted.

 Jeff equates his expertise to that of a master chef: “A top chef chooses the finest ingredients and combines them together in order to create a culinary masterpiece with the finest taste and visual appeal.”

“Our decades of working on Staten Island allow us to understand the footprint and backbone of every home we renovate,” he adds. This intimate understanding makes it trouble-free to resolve and interruption they come across and “nail” each and every renovation the brothers complete.